The 1961 Chevy Impala owned by Tupac Shakur has reappeared as a hopping Long Beach lowrider.  

In Long Beach, a fragment of hip-hop history has come roaring back to life.  

Once owned by Tupac Shakur, this 1961 Chevy Impala has been transformed into a fully functional lowrider.  

The vehicle, which belongs to enthusiast Lloyd, hums with the contagious energy of the lowrider scene and Tupac's spirit.  

Although the Impala wasn't intended to be a lowrider, Lloyd recognized its potential.  

He installed a strong hydraulic system and revitalized the engine as he painstakingly restored the vehicle.  

The distinctive wire wheels and gleaming chrome complemented the eye-catching candy apple red paint that replaced the iconic yellow color.

Nearly thirty bids have been placed on this vehicle's auction, demonstrating both its value and the interest enthusiasts have shown in it.