One-of-two 1961 Chevrolet Impalas are literally a piece of GM history, flexing top V8 muscle.  

The 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS is more than simply a classic car; it's a physical representation of General Motors history.  

This model year is often regarded as the one that started the muscle car craze.  

While the word "muscle car" would not be established for another few years,  

the 1961 Impala SS provided a strong and reasonably priced performance package, setting the way for famous names such as the GTO and Mustang.  

The SS stood noted for its high-performance V8 engine options, particularly the famed 409 cubic inch "Turbo-Fire" unit.  

This engine produced exciting acceleration and a throaty exhaust noise, making the Impala SS a definite eye-catcher.  

a groundbreaking design feature at the time, is undeniable.